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There is a serious shortage of tri-lingual (ASL/Spanish/English) interpreters. In order to help our Deaf Latino community find them when we need them, Deaf Aztlan has put together this list. If you're a tri-lingual interpreter, please add yourself!

Lidia Amparo Anorga, CI
C/O ASL Interpreters, Inc.
PO Box 530335
Miami Shores, FL 33153
Fax: (305) 545-7567

Born in Cuba, graduated from Gallaudet ITP ' 85. Balanced trilingual fluent in all three languages: Spanish, English, ASL. Interpreting for 17 years.

Tony Barraza
Gallaudet University
FayHouse / GIS
c/o Tony Barraza
800 Florida Ave NE
Washington, DC 20002
Voice/TTY: (202) 651-5199

Hispanic of Nicaraguan/Mexican decent, have older brother who is Deaf. Used all three languages growing up. I can use all three languages fluently but am weak gramatically in Spanish (Doctors told my mother she shouldn't speak Spanish in the house, because of my brother's deafness. So it was discouraged). Have been Interpreting Professionally for five years. One Educational, three years at MCI for the Relay and one post secondary in Milwuakee WI. Currently serve on the Cultural Diversity in Leadership Committee for National RID and also, am in the Visiting Interpreter Program at Gallaudet University. Will be a Visiting Interpreter in the fall semsester as well, then Relocating to DC.

Peggy Blevins
Southern California

I am an interpreter fluent in Spanish, English, and ASL. I have lived and worked with deaf people in the following countries: Mexico, Puerto Rico (USA), Dominican Republic, and Venezuela. I currently work in a high school mainstream program in Southern California. I have not chosen to maintain my certification.

Griselda de la Vega
Dallas / Fort Worth, TX
s Voice: (817) 558-1228

I was born in beautiful Mexico, and now live in beautiful Texas. I graduated from an Interpreting for the Deaf Pgrogram in 1998. I am fluent in Spanish, English, Portuguese, and American Sign Language. I have worked for two different agencies and I am currently working for a School District (in a High School). I might be a baby interpreter but I have lots of experience in different settings, but most of all I love what I do!!!

Margarita Martinez-Cooley
475 Mira Loma Circle
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80918
Voice: (719) 598-5816
Fax: (719) 534-9109

I am a native of Brooklyn, New York. Moved to Colorado almost 2 years ago. My parents are from Puerto Rico and I grew up in a bilingual home, speaking Spanish and English. I learned French in Junior High School thru College. Then in college switched my interests to Sign Language. Completed BA at University of Buffalo, and MA in Rehab Counseling at Gallaudet University. I worked as a State VR counselor for 5 years in NYC working with a wide range of linguistically and ethnically diverse deaf people in Brooklyn. There I was part of the establishment of a grassroots organization for Deaf Latinos, called DALE. Since moving to Colorado, I've been a freelance interpreter and am working on my certification. I have the privilege of working in all aspects of interpreting except the courts.

Tomas & Sylvia Garcia
422 Baskin Ave.
Valinda, CA 91744
Home: (626) 336 5199 tty

My wife and I are both trilingual interpreters living in the Los Angeles area.

Samuel "Tito" Gonzalez
Home: (225) 769-4748
Fax: (225) 757-3424

I am Hispanic of Puerto Rican descent. I was born and raised in New York. The primary spoken language in my home is Spanish. I have over eight years in working with Louisiana School for the Deaf where about three percent of the population are Hispanic. I presently function as Assistant Dean. In this position, I interpret for the Dean of Students (who is Deaf) and serve as laision between the Hispanic parents of deaf children and the Administration Department, Instructional Division and the Student Life Division of LSD.

Marvin R. Mollinedo, CI & CT
3737 W. Eddy
Chicago, IL 60618
Home: (773) 866-2240 (v/tty)
Fax: (773) 866-0210

I have been interpreting for 2 years. I am a mental health interpreter and freelance in the evenings. First Latino (tri-lingual) from my graduating class at Columbia College (4 year program). First Latino dual certified (CI/CT) in the state of Illinois. Interpreted in Boston for a Puerto Rican festival. Have experience with medical, platform, social service, etc. My parents are from Guatemala, I was born in Chicago, but consider myself proud of being Latino. Speak Spanish fluently and if you need references from Deaf Latinos, you let me know ok.

Rudy Moncada
Valinda, CA
Voice/TTY: (626) 814-8242

I was born in California and raised in a Mexican family. I am fluent in Spanish, ASL (Certified, Interpreter Training Program / A.S., Deaf Studies and an A.A.). Icurrently work for the E.D.D. in West Covina providing job placement services. I have been an educational Interpreter at the high school and college levels, and have worked for a few private and Government agencies for almost 6 years now.

Eduardo (Eddie) Reveles
1341 Castle Court #332
Houston, Texas 77006
Home: (713) 524-4132
Work: (713) 704-6304
Fax: (713) 704-3423

I am currently employed at a large urban hospital in the Texas Medical Center (and yes, my full time job is Sign Language interpreting) here in Houston. I moved here almost three years ago from Austin where I was a staff interpret at TSD and at Relay Texas. I've been a professional interpreter for 10 years. I am fluent in Spanish and Texas Certified Level III and Oral.

Born and raised in El Paso, Texas and being Bilingual was essential. I have a Deaf uncle and that's where my interests was peaked. I'm not a CODA but I'm a COMA (Child of Mexican Americans). I attended El Paso Community College where I was chosen to be a student representative at the RID conference in 1989. From there, I went to an internship with SLA in Washington, DC. My interpreting experience goes from educational, legal, mental health, medical, and platform (I've even interpreted on Broadway). Currently I am pursuing a degree in Spanish at the University of Houston and I am also a licensed bartender. So if I ever want to leave the field, I'll just mix drinks full time.

Angela Roth, CSC
ASL Services Inc.
1310 N. Main Street Suite 101.
Kissimmee, Florida 34744
Voice: (407) 518-7900

Angela Roth C.S.C is former Chair for RID Certification Board and current member of the NAD/RID Task Force. Angela is a one of the leading Trilingual Sign Language Interpreters in the Nation. Currently involved in the National Mutulicultural Interpreting Project (NMIP Federal National project through El Paso Community College, El Paso, Texas) as the team leader interpreter for the Latino/Hispanic group. She and her team have extensive experience interpreting for the Latino/Hispanic Deaf in the United States. She has interpreted for several National Hispanic Organizations including: National Counsel of La Raza, National Association of Bilingual Education, TESOL/ TEDS, as well as high profile court proceedings involving Hispanic Deaf.

To add yourself to the list, send the following info to Your name, address, phone number, email address, background information about you and your skills. Be sure to include any certifications!


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